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Handmade in Wibaux, MT



Rebecca Anderson



I was blessed to be brought up in a loving home with two very supportive parents.

I fell second in the family line up. I have one older sister as well as identical twin little sisters. All of my sisters have firey red hair - which left me odd man out and makes for quiet a scene when we're all together.


I was brought up on the family place in Wibaux, MT in the house my grandpa built. The Grand View homestead on which I grew up was purchased in 1908 by my great grandfather.

Adventure was never lacking growing up with wonderful parents and all sisters.

 Bum lambs, tea parties, bottle calves, motorcycles, 

and even a traveling hand bell choir all played a part in shaping who I am today.


The love of creating with my hands began at a young age. From baking, knitting, playing piano, watercolors, tatting, guitar, and more I’ve always enjoyed finding and obsessing over new things.


At age seventeen I was introduced to clay, and it consumed me.


Being raised in a farm and ranch community of 500 people and living over an hour from the nearest Wal-Mart instilled practicality. This beloved remote and rugged lifestyle is the source for my mainly utilitarian work.


Each piece is individually thrown on the wheel or constructed from a slab. I use hand mixed glazes that are food safe and can handle a ride in the dishwasher or microwave for convenience. I prefer my pots to be able to be in hands, on tables, or sitting dirty in the sink rather than tucked up in a cupboard or only for display having people afraid to use them.

The Lord has wired each one of us differently. I find great joy in being a maker. From throwing to individually pulling a handle, the lovely adventure of clay captivates me.

I hope my pieces are ambassadors of that joy, brightening up

the daily lives and routines of others.